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Anna Comnena. The Alexiad translated by. Elizabeth A. S. Dawes. In parentheses Publications. Byzantine Series. Cambridge, Ontario The Alexiad (Penguin Classics) [Anna Komnene, Peter Frankopan, E. R. A. Sewter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A revised edition of a. ‘The shining light of the world, the great Alexius’ Anna Comnena () wrote The Alexiad as an account of the reign of her father, the Byzantine Emperor .

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Views Read Edit View history. The entire translated text of the Anna Comena’s Alexiad is available. Cambridge University Press, In contrast, Leonora Neville argues that Anna probably not involved in the attempted usurpation. Byzanz und die Kreuzfahrerstaaten. Penguin’s refusal to print the canonical reference for each book and chapter, however, severely limits the utility of the text.

May 23, Arthur Kyriazis rated it it komnwne amazing. It is one of the finest Penguin Classics in print, and easily replaces Sewter’s original version. Who would have thought that poss Comnena paints an excruciatingly favorable portrait of her father, the Emperor Alexis of Byzantium.

Anna Komnene – Wikipedia

Here’s one, but it just scratches the surface of an amazing life and times. The chapters covering the early part of Alexius’ reign would clearly aanna been based on accounts set down before Anna was born and during her childhood and these are in places confused to the point that they are almost impossible to follow, particularly her accounts of military campaigns.

Modern Greek] Translated by Aloe Sideri. Anna Komnene’s somewhat unusual style of writing history has been attributed to her gender. Passages to the Maternal in Anna Komnene’s Alexiad”. Victory in the East: But most of all because I want to. An enthralling account of the reign of Alexios 1 by his daughter Anna. The Alexiad was originally written in Greek in aroundand first edited by Possinus in There are some insights and stories – like the one of her mother in labour – that presumably a man of the household would not have access to, aanna because of the focus on her father and on him as a successful and able politician there is not snna much about the role of the women in the political life of the Empire or about the decision making process that one might have liked from such a well placed witness.


The text here is presented as either one complete file, or in “book” komhene files. It is also an important source of information on the Byzantine war with komnebe Normans, and the First Crusade, in which Alexius participated. As it was, all I learned was that they were really, really into gouging out eyes.

If everyone still looked at outside culture through the eyes alexid Disney and was conservative enough to wage wars based on religion, then perhaps they would be able to relate to Anna Komnene’s depiction of her father’s “magnificent” rule of the Byzantine Empire.

Anna Komnene

It is a tale of an reeling empire. Zo wordt Alexios slechts alleen van de formidabele Guiscard verlost, omdat die plotseling zo maar sterft. That Eastern religion was a part of their downfall. Edited and translated by Elizabeth A.

I’ll ann spending some time writing the best review I’ve ever written for a book as remarkably unknown as this one. In the seclusion of the monastery, Anna dedicated her time to studying philosophy and history. Georgina Buckler did a great job in the earlier 20th century with her Anna Komnena for Oxford. And the barbarian horseman of the steppes raiding south across the Danube.

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Edited by Ian Wood and G. Instead, a table of relevant Byzantine rulers, popes, and patriarchs is included, as well as stemmata of the Doukas and Komnenos families. One beset by aggressive Seljuk Turks who defeated a former emperor in at Manzikert in what is now Armenia,in the east, and some western adventurer knights, led by the Normans, descendants of the Vikings, who had swept up Sicily,parts of southern Italy, and looked on the remnants Of the Empire like raw meat to a wolf.

Byzantium and the Crusader States, Death of Robert Guiscard: Edited by Thalia Gouma-Petersen.

Adapted from the author biography in the Penguin edition of The Alexiad and Wikipedia Belfast Byzantine Texts and Translations. And yet it’s also fascinating because this history written by Byzantine princess Anna Comnena born in the purple, as she won’t let you forget provides a unique insight in the history of Byzantium seen alfxiad within.


Anna delights in high-flown language and tries aleexiad fit in a Homeric phrase as often as possible. According to Anna’s description in the Alexiadher mother asked Anna to wait to be born until her father returned from war.

As it goes on however into the remit of her own experience, it gets better and the famous accounts of the First Crusaders and the wars against the wily Normans are very readable and entertaining. You would think that with how aexiad she is with foreigners and their weaponry she would avoid describing how to reproduce them.

It goes without saying that the Alexiad has tremendous value as a piece of source material but I guess the whole point of reviews on Goodreads is to comment on the book’s entertainment value for the general reader rather than its usefulness for the historian Always feels a bit strange writing a review for something written almost a thousand years ago.

The wildly inept bureaucracy and military leaders is laughable, and the author excuses each debacle as though somehow baffling. However, Book XI shows interesting details that are historically significant, annaa is the text itself when discussing the crusades. Anna Komnene wordt beschouwd als de eerste vrouwelijke historicus, maar ze was ook een Byzantijnse prinses en in dit boek vertelt ze over het bewind van haar eigen vader, keizer Alexios I van konmene Oost-Romeinse rijk.

Imperial Women in Byzantium Anna was born in the Porphyra Chamber of the imperial palace snna Constantinoplemaking her a porphyrogenita[17] which underscored her imperial status.

Inlcudes a French translation of Anna’s funeral oration by George Tornikios. However interesting I found this book I’m a history nut most others would be bored to tears. This book alexida written by Anna, his daughter, and is the continuation of the work called “Material for History” alexia was initiated by her husband Nikephoros Bryennios the Younger soldier, statesman and writerand was completed in the yearnaming it “The Alexiad”.

He would see off the Normans. Aug 25, Alexander Van Leadam rated it liked it. The Treaty of Devol.